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The Wrong Girl (true story)

The Wrong Girl is a true story movie that was based on the case of Michelle McIlrath of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I had thought about the basis for the movie for quite sometime, and decided that with the release of Lifetime's newest movie by the same title, I wanted to find the basis for the old 1999 movie.

Some of you will remember The Wrong Girl starring Barbara Mandrell airing on Lifetime in the 2000's. But the movie originally aired on NBC in 1999. Like all old NBC movies that were based on true stories or true events, it was highly dramatic----and just plain good.

The producers for this movie twisted the plot just a little bit. And they did that because in the real case there was no conviction.

The Wrong Girl true-story movie starring Barbara Mandrell is about a woman who suspected that her son's new girlfriend was behind his death. She had a bad feeling about the girl from the start, but when he son turned up in a lake after a supposed canoeing accident, she knew that his girlfriend had killed him.

The mother was determined to bring her son's girlfriend to justice, despite little evidence. I believe the real story was about a mother whose daughter had been found dead in Lemonweir Lake in 1995. She was missing for a short time before her body was found. The boyfriend, Robert Crawford of New Lisbon, had run away from the scene, but later admitted that Michelle McIlrath had died accidentally after their canoe was tipped over, dumping both of them in the water. Robert Crawford promised the girl's parents that he had tried to find her in the water, but that he was unable to find her due to lack of visibility.

The girl's parents convinced the police that their daughter's death was intentional since a coroner's report found that she had been struck in the head with an object. A broken paddle found in Crawford's vehicle made law enforcement officials believe that he was guilty. (remember that part in the movie where the mother asks the girlfriend about the broken paddle?)

In any event, there was not enough evidence to convict him. So to my knowledge he was never brought to justice because one doctor said that the victim had drowned, the other stated that it was a homicide---the two parties were unable to agree. You can research the Michelle McIlrath case for yourself. Some of the old articles are still online. You'll see all of the similarities in the movie and the true story.

You can see a real photo of Michelle McIlrath here.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Deliberate Stranger True Story Based On Ted Bundy

The Deliberate Stranger: a true story based on serial killer Ted Bundy. The Deliberate Stranger first aired on NBC as a two-part made-for-television movie on May 4 and May 5, 1986. The true-story movie was based on Bundy: The Deliberate Stranger, the 1980 book by Richard W. Larsen. The movie chronicled the events that happened in Washington, Utah, Colorado and Florida. It also follows the police's pursuit of Ted Bundy. Bundy eventually confessed to the murder of 30 women, though law enforcement officials believe that the count was much higher.

When the movie first premiered it was one of the scariest movies on television. Most teenagers were afraid to watch the Ted Bundy movie alone. The creepy music also made for an gripping but frightening true story.

Ted Bundy was responsible for the murders of 30 people. Law enforcement authorities think he had many more victims.

According to the Wikipage, the film left out Ted Bundy's childhood and several of his first victims. In a bit of trivia, famous book writer Ann Rule knew Ted Bundy personally. In the film Ted Bundy was played by....

The case of Ted Bundy is a particularly heinous case because Bundy fit in to society. He was handsome and very charismatic. It was easy for him to find girlfriends. This is how he was able to entice many of his victims. He would meet them in a public place and then impersonate a police officer or pretend to be sick or disabled

Many of the real names were changed in the tv movie. Theodore Robert Bundy, aka Ted Bundy was executed in 1978. His birth name is listed as Theodore Robert Cowell.

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'List of Movies Based on True Stories', Film 'Based on a True Story' or Inspired by Actual Events Like those on and Lifetime Movie Network

Here is a list of movies based on true stories, movies inspired by actual events, movies based on a true story, movies inspired by a true story,  and movies "loosely based" on real-life or true events.

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Aaliyah: Princess of R&B

Alpha Dog

All American Girl The Mary Kay Letourneau Story

All Good Things

Almost Golden: The Jessica Savitch Story

Ann Rule's Everything She Ever Wanted

Ann Rule's Too Late to Say Goodbye

A Friend Of The Family

A Kidnapping In The Family 

A Killer Among Us

A Killing in a Small Town

Abducted The Carlina White Story

 A Memory in My Heart

A Mother's Right 

A Mother's Nightmare

A Woman Scorned the Betty Broderick Story

An Inconvenient Woman 

An Officer and a Murderer 

And Never Let Her Go


Baby Shower

Baby Sellers 

Baby Snatcher 

Bad To The Bone 

Beauty's Revenge

Beautiful and Twisted 

Best Friends

Betrayal Of Trust 

Betrayed at 17 

Between Love And Hate

Bitter Blood 

Black Widower

Blind Trust

Bling Ring 


Broken Silence 

Bond Of Silence


Camp (2013) 

Captive (1991)



Child Of Rage

Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story 

Cries Unheard The Donna Yaklich Story




Dangerous Child

Dallas Buyers Club

Dawn Anna 

Deadly Matrimony

Deadly Spa aka Deadly Spa Weekend 

Deadly Vows

Deadly Whispers 

Death Clique

Deceived By Trust: A Moment Of Truth

Deep Family Secrets

Desperate For Love

Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story 

Drew Peterson Untouchable 

Dying to belong 

Eight Days To Live

Escape From Polygamy

Empty Cradle 

End Of Watch

Every Mother's Worst Fear 

Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleading Scandal 

Facebook Detectives 

Fast and Furious aka (The Fast and The Furious)

Fatal Trust 

Fighting For My Daughter

For One Night 



Girl Soldier 

Good Night Sweet Wife: A Murder In Boston

Gospel of Deceit  

Hav Plenty

Hit and Run 1999 Lifetime movie 

Hit and Run 2009

Heaven Is For Real 

Held Hostage 

Her Desperate Choice

Her Final Fury

Honor Thy Father and Mother True Story of the Menendez Murder

House Of Versace

Hunt for the I-5 Killer

In God's Country 

I Me Wed 

In The Line Of Duty: Blaze Of Glory


Judgment Day The John List Story

Left To Die 

Lies Of The Heart: Story of Laurie Kellogg 

Lies He Told

Lies My Mother Told Me

Little Girl Lost the Delimar Vera Story

Lizzie Borden Took An Axe

Love Honor and Obey 

Love Thy Neighbor

Midwest Obsession

Mini's First Time 

Mistaken Identity

Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story

Murder Of Innocence 

Murder in a College Town

Murder in the Hamptons  

Murder In The First

Murder at My Door

Murder in Greenwich 

Murder or Memory  

Murder Ordained

My Husband's Double Life :see The Familiar Stranger 

My Neighbor's Keeper

My Son Is Innocent

My Son Johnny 

No One Could Protect Her 

Normal Life

One Angry Juror 

Our Guys: Outrage in Glenridge

Outrage In Glen Ridge

Open Water 

Paid in Full 

Pain and Gain 


Prayers For Bobby 

Preacher's Daughter 

Pregnancy Pact 

The Price Of A Broken Heart

Prison Of Secrets

Promised A Miracle

Prosecuting Casey Anthony 

Rabbit Proof Fence 

Race Against Fear A Moment of Truth: see Broken Silence

Rasputin and the Empress 

Restless Virg/


Romeo Killer The Chris Porco Story  


Shattered Hearts: A Moment Of Truth
She Made Them Do It
Scared Silent 
Secrets of Eden
Seduced By Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story

Shadow of Fear 
Shattered Glass 
Shattered Promises
She Fought Alone (Tiffani Thiessen Lifetime Movie)
Sin and Redemption 
Sins Of The Preacher 
Sleeping With The Devil
Small Sacrifices
Snap Decision/Snap Judgment 
Someone Elses Child
Someone She Knows   
Soul Surfer

Starting Over

Steel Magnolias
Still Mine  

Stolen Miracle 

Suburban Madness 
Taken Back Finding Haley
Taking Back Our Town 

Tears and Laughter: The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story

The A.R.K Report
The Babysitter's Seduction
The Brooke Ellison Story 
The Butler 

The Conjuring
The Coverup aka The Cover-Up
The Disappearance of Vonnie 
The Fantasia Barrino Story

The Elizabeth Smart Story
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Familiar Stranger   
The Frozen Ground 

The Girl

The Help 

The Impossible 
The Legend Of Lucy Keyes 
The Man Next Door
The Morrison Murders
"The Obsession" 2006 
The Pastor's Wife 

The Perfect Husband: The "Laci Peterson" story 
The Perfect Roommate  
The Perfect Storm
"The Preacher's Mistress"

The Pregnancy Project
The Stepfather
The Stranger I Married
The Two Mr. Kissels 
The 33 of San Jose 

To Be Fat Like Me
To Love, Honor and Betray

Two Babies: Switched At Birth (1999) 

The Wrong Girl (1999 starring Barbara Mandrell)

The Wrong Woman 

The Wrong Man (based on the same case as above)

Unanswered Prayers 
Ultimate Deception and Ultimate Betrayal 

What Color is Love
What Happened to Bobby Earl: see Murder in a College Town
What Makes a Family 

Why Do Fools Fall In Love 
We Have Your Husband  
Woman with a Past