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I Me Wed True Story

So when I first saw the title of movie, I thought wow what an interesting concept. It was not advertised as a movie based on a true story so to be honest the first few times that I saw the movie I didn't think anything of it. When I saw it for the last time, I thought....I wonder if this has happened in real life. So I started researching and going through old newspapers. I found only two cases. So when I started researching further I came upon an article written by a Los Angeles Times writer who claimed that this Lifetime movie was based on her friend's story. In fact she wrote a screenplay about the story. Now, I cannot confirm whether this is true or not, but according to her, she met a woman named Linda back in 1983 who had been named the first woman to ever marry herself. In fact her story became so infamous that the Guinness Book of World Records included her in their newest edition. There were also tons of news articles and interviews about this woman. The Los Angeles Times writer knew that this was a good story. So she contacted the woman and actually bought the rights to the story and began writing her own script entitled "I Me Wed." She started pitching the script to several agencies, production companies, and then finally to Lifetime. According to her, Lifetime indicated that they were not moving forward with the project, but she was in shock when she first heard about the upcoming movie.

 When I Me Wed aired for the first time on Lifetime television, Katie and Linda watched the movie together while they ate Linda's special cup cakes. If you want to read Katie's rant about Lifetime you can read it here

According to The Kingman Daily Miner, the date was December 1993, when Linda Baker, 40 year old African American woman, decided that she would marry herself. She was tired of everyone asking her when she was going to get married, She was tired of waiting for Mr. Right, and most of all she was tired of waiting for the darn cake. You see Linda Baker loved cake, and she didn't think it was right for her to have to wait to have a wedding to have her some wedding cake. So, for her birthday, just a couple of days before Christmas, Linda Baker married herself as 70 of her friends and family sat in attendance. There was even a preacher there to marry them. In all there were 7 bridesmaids who stood along side Baker as she said her vows. According to those who attended the wedding:

She bought her own ring, said her vows, and placed the ring on her own finger. The mood seemed especially festive and joyful. Everyone was happy for her and happy to be there. They danced as the press took photos of the bride. In lieu of gifts, they donated to Linda Baker's favorite animal shelter.

1. The preacher who married Linda Baker was not a real preacher

2. Linda made her own dress for her wedding

3. Linda was originally from Santa Monica, California and Inglewood

4. Instead of waiting for Mr. Right, she decided to say that she married Mrs. Right

5. The last anyone heard, Linda Baker was still herself.

2004 edition of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not! 
Encyclopedia of the Bizaar
The Bulletin, December 22, 1993

Update: 2012: I heard from Linda recently. Here is what she had to say.

Hi Traciy,
I just read your blog about my wedding. Yes, I'm still happily married and since the internet was not in the works at the time of my "wedding" I always kinda felt miffed when others followed my lead.  Lol!  There are a few inaccurate statements but I enjoyed reading it and I send you    thanks for giving me props. I believe that I am the first one to have done married myself. Even, Oprah Winfrey's producers called me and People Magazine wanted to interview me but that's s whole other story. As you wrote, Katie actually did have a contract with me and had shopped it to Lifetime 2x. Alas, wish she had gotten her props.

Hi Traciy,
Thank you for your time and effort!
The guy that married me was an actual rabbi ordained in a New York temple. I found out minutes after the ceremony.  I bought my wedding dress new but shortened it and added tulle around the hips. I'm from Los Angeles and was married in Santa Monica at a blues (b-r) called Mr. B's. which was sold shortly after my wedding and re-named.
I met Katie Love in 1998 not 1983.
If you need further information just e-mail me. Oh yes, I'm still happily married for almost 20 years now!

Update: Linda Baker has released a new book entitled "Cake Girl." You can find it at her website and on Amazon.

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