Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lies He Told

Plot: a man deserts his family and the Air Force and starts a new life. Starring Gary Cole.

True Story: The movie Lies He Told is a 1997 movie based on the case of James Pou. The names were changed in the movie to Dave Bay aka David Bay. The real story happened back in 1987.

Lies He Told is based on James Pou. Read the timeline below.

James Pou Timeline created by Traciy Curry-Reyes

1987: James Pou is declared missing after he does not arrive at work at the Airforce base at Kirtland. His team members search everywhere for him, but they find nothing accept his bike and his shoes.He is eventually declared dead. The family assumed that he was killed on the bike path in a hit and run accident. His first wife Suzy and her two sons are in shock over his disappearance.

10 days later: Pou arrives in San Diego, where he assumes a new identity. He also finds a new woman and marries her. They have two boys together.

1992: His second wife Monica becomes suspicious and checks his background. She discovers that he is leading a double life and reports him. The newspapers go wild with information that the Airforce base deserter has been discovered after 5 years. His mother is excited and relieved to know that her son is alive after all these years. No matter what he has done. He is being held in San Diego and charged with desertion and bigamy.

1992: Military deserter is sentenced to 18 months in prison. He tells the military judge that he felt guilty after hitting his kids and that he just didn't want his kids to have his upbringing. Television producers start trying to buy the rights to his story right away. His friends and fellow Airforce companions are devastated by the news. Pou was once considered a hero who was especially skilled as a parachute rescuer.

1993: James Pou escapes a military prison detention center at March Air Force Base. He was waiting for a court-martial for being involved in a bank heist year earlier. He eventually turns himself in a couple of weeks later. When the judge asked where he had been, he told them he spent time in the mountains camping and enjoying some fishing.

1994: Pou is sentenced to 6 years in prison for the bank robbery and escape charges.

2003: James Pou publishes a novel called Whence the Rivers Come

The bank robbery happened in Calallen, Texas in 1988

they call him Doug


  1. I went to high school with Doug and he was considered an amazing young man full of life and promise. Although he made horrible decisions in his life I still remember him fondly. Garrettsville class mate, Dorothy

  2. The dude owes me 5 bucks.