Monday, March 4, 2013

Little Girl Lost The Delimar Vera Story

Brief Delimar Vera Timeline 
 by Traciy Curry-Reyes
December 15, 1997: There is a fire at the home of Luz Cuevas, Delimar Vera's mother. She is told that her 10 day old daughter was lost in the fire. She was devastated to hear this, yet her memory of seeing the window in her room open kept gnawing at her. She finally learns that there were no human remains found in the fire. From that point on she knows that Delimar was taken.

January 2004: Luz Cuevas is invited to a birthday party where she spots a little girl dimples and her same face.  Upon seeing the little girl she knew instantly that it was her child Delimar. She tells her sister that she knows and feels that she is Delimar.  Just as depicted in the movie, Luz tells the little girl that she has gum in her hair and takes a piece of her hair to save for dna testing. Luz tells her story to Rep. Angel Cruz, an advocate for the poor in the Hispanic community. Cruz was reluctant to help her at first, but he stated that he had a feeling there was something to it.

March 2004: The tests came back positive that Delimar was indeed her little girl lost. She sat stunned as the police confirmed that Delimar would be returning home. A warrant is issued for Carolyn Correa. She disappeared from her Philadelphia residence before police could question her. Later when she finally surrendered to police, she was arrested and charged with kidnapping and other counts. 42 year old Correa intended to raise Delimar as her own child. Her bail was set at 1 million dollars.

 Luz and her other two children are excited about seeing Delimar for the first time since her disappearance. Her brothers and sisters tell everyone that they cannot wait to hug  their sister.
July 2005: Luz Cuevas sought to revoke joint custody of Delimar from the father Pedro Vera after it was alleged that he was involved in the kidnapping, and that he may have had an affair with his distant cousin, Carolyn Correa.
September 2005: Carolyn Correa is sentenced to 9-30 years. She said that she was sorry for everything that happened. Both Pedro Vera and Luz Cuevas sued the the city of Philadelphia for giving them the wrong information.
2008: the movie Little Girl Lost: the Delimar Vera Story comes to Lifetime Tv

The other kids barely escaped 

Carolyn Correa was born February 28, 1962. She is still serving time in Cambridge Springs, Philadelphia. 

**Update: Carolyn Correa was released from prison in 2013 or 2014.

Here are some aliases she has used during the time she was committing crimes

Carol Correa
Carolyn Hernandez (Hernandez is her maiden name)
Carolyn M. Santiago (looks like a stolen identity name)