Friday, March 1, 2013

Murder in Greenwich

Synopsis: A young woman goes missing, and her boyfriend, who was the last to see her, disappears for decades.

Real Story: Murder in Greenwich came to tv in 2002 as a movie of the week. It was based on the case of Martha Moxley. The movie took its inspiration from details found in Mark Furhman's book. Martha Moxley disappeared in the 1970's.


  1. This movie is one of my favorite made for TV "based on true events" movies..The acting is great, the way they portrayed every detail was accurate (from articles I have read on this case), and over all, just great film..I believe Dominick Dunne produced this movie, so in itself, should tell you how accurate it probably is..

  2. I'm looking for the one called Cyberstalker..this is A Murder in Greenwich.

  3. That one is based on Martha Moxley.