Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Have Your Husband based on Eduardo Valseca and Jayne Valseca

Plot: An American expatriate lives a paradise-like life in Mexico, until some men kidnap her husband in broad daylight. 

We Have Your Husband
is based on the kidnapping of Jayne Rager Valseca's husband Eduardo Garcia Valseca aka Eduardo Garcia.
The true events occurred in 2007,when Jayne Rager and her husband Eduardo Garcia Valseca lived a paradise-like life in San Miguel de Allende. They had built a business, a local school, and a ranch from the ground up. They had total financial security and peaceful surroundings. Until one day, on the way to taking their children to school, some strangers suddenly appeared and abducted her husband. She didn’t hear anything from the abductors until a few days later, when they sent her an email with detailed instructions on how to get eight million dollars to them. Jayne did everything she could to get the money. She went through a very stressful ordeal of continued emails and phone calls from the kidnappers.

The men were from the area and they knew that the Valsecas were rich. They probably thought they kept money in their home like many Mexican people do. Eventually, Jayne thought that she would never see her husband again, and she tried to put the pieces of her life back together. She had begun to do just that when her husband appeared out of nowhere. She was so happy to see him. She immediately began taking care of him until she had nursed him back to health. She wrote a book about her ordeal, and then eventually she was contacted by the producers of Lifetime to make her story into a movie. When the movie came out in 2011, we were all so happy to know that there was a happy ending. But, shortly after the movie came out Jayne Valseca found out that she had cancer. In later interviews, she stated that she knows that the cancer was a direct result of all of the stress that she had gone through with her husband. She did a commercial for Cancer Treatment of America, and it looked like she was going to make it. Sadly, she died on May 26, 2011 at the age of 45. She left behind her beloved husband Eduardo Valseca and her loving children.

To really get a feel for how much these abductions happen in Mexico, just research it.  You can find so many stories about abductions and kidnappings there.

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Eduardo Garcia Valseca and Jayne Valseca Now

After Eduardo came back home to his family, his wife Jayne nursed him back to health and helped him recuperate. They came back home to the US and spoke about their case on talk shows and documentaries while the Mexican authorities investigated the kidnapping. The email company changed its procedures for tracking anonymously sent emails. While the Valseca's put their lives back together, Jayne found out that she had cancer. She died from complications in 2011. The children are still with their father Eduardo.

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