Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Killer Among Us: True Story

Synopsis: A teenage girl goes undercover to find evidence for a cop after her mother is killed in broad daylight.

True Story: A Killer Among Us is a 2012 Lifetime movie that is "inspired by a true story."I have just a little information for you. It appears that the real story happened in California and the daughter actually told this story to writer Katherine Fugate at a party in the late 1990's. Katherine could not forget the story, and she bought the rights to it in 2001 or maybe 2002.

The real girl, who is now an adult, saw the movie when it aired for the first time. She was very glad that her story was being portrayed. Remember in the movie, her real father was another man. Well, that man passed in the late 90's, and this is why she was so sad at the party when she was telling her story.

As for the detective in the case, he was very angry that this could happen to such a devoted mother in broad daylight. It happened outside of her pet store. Even more disturbing was the fact that her case was treated as an "ordinary murder."

Some people believe that this movie is based on the Elizabeth Decaro case, because there is a book with the same name. Perhaps it was inspired by that case, but I highly doubt it.

Key Points

The Elizabeth Decaro story didn't happen until 1992. The real woman told Fugate her story in the late 1990's. I'm guessing around 1997, since Fugate stated in the 2012 interview that she met the woman "15 years ago."

 Katherine Fugate was specific about her conversation with the real woman. Fugate states in that same interview that the real woman was shot and killed outside of her "pet store." The Decaro woman was killed in her home and found on the kitchen floor.

The real daughter was 17 years old when it all happened. In the Decaro case she was only 14.

If she was telling her story at the party in 1997, then it is possible that she was 17 in 1992 when the Decaro story happened. But, that's assuming the woman was a very young woman when she told Katherine Fugate the story at the party.

It would seem strange for the movie to have the same title as the book by the same name if the producers wanted to keep the real identities a secret and without referring the book as a source.

I won't rule it out altogether, but my feeling is that it is NOT based on that case. I will continue to see what I can find so that we can confirm the basis. That's all I've got for now....

You can read what Katherine Fugate says in an interview here


  1. Hi Traciy,I watched a movie called help me catch my killer or speaking beyond the grave-base on a true story.Can you please tell me if it's real?

  2. Hello, if it is the one I am thinking of, then yes, it was based on a true story. The name of it was "Voice From The Grave: From The Files Of Unsolved Mysteries."

    Here is a link.

  3. Hi - I'd love to know if there's any public information about the case A Killer Among Us is based on. Do you know anything more? I was intrigued by the interview with Fugate. Thank you!