Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Killing in a Small Town


A woman having an affair with a member of her congregation does the unthinkable. 

 Real Story

This movie debuted as a tv movie of the week in 1990. It was based on the 1980 murder case that shocked the nation. They changed the names in the movie to Candy Morrison. The real woman, a devout churchgoer, was a woman named Candy Montgomery. The crime happened in Wylie, Texas. 

There is an old true crime book dedicated to this case. There was also an investigative reporter who helped tell the story as well. Evidence of Love is the book that inspired the making of the movie. 

All I can tell you is that the small town of Wylie was completely shocked when they found out about what happened to their neighbor Betty. Even more surprising was the fact that the woman responsible was a local member of their church and a suburban housewife. People in the town of Wylie still talk about this case even today. Candy was not a pretty woman, but the people who knew her said that she knew how to fix herself up a bit, and her matronly and innocent way made her appear more attractive. 


Many of you want to know where Candace Montgomery is now. They say she lives in Georgia and she changed her name to Candace Wheeler, so I was told. After she was acquitted she started working as a family counselor. I don't know if this is still the case.

 Also, the house where it all took place is still there as of this writing. The Montgomery family really does not talk about the case in public. Pat and Candy divorced, and I was told by a commenter that he doesn't use the name Pat anymore. Betty's children grew up with her parents. They are now adults. Don Crowder was the defense attorney in the case. He ended his own life in 1998.


Where to Read Up on the Candy Montgomery-Betty Case

Evidence of Love: by Jim Atkinson and John Bloom

Articles by John Bloom and Jim Atkinson are available on Texas Monthly's website. 



  1. I find this story very interesting and also disturbing but I would like to know how all the kids involved are doing

  2. Did they do this story on "A Crime To Remember," a series on the ID channel?