Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lifetime Movies/Lifetime Movie Network: My Obsession

So, last night I happened upon my old website that was dedicated to based on a true story movies/and Lifetime movies based on true stories, and I was shocked to find a mirror image of the actual site. Wow, does that bring back memories. Many of you have been following this site since 1996, and I love hearing from all of you. We all know, that you guys are equally obsessed with these Lifetime movies just as much as I am. Anyway, yeah....the site was badly designed, too many colors, and much of the text was unedited. I am trying to do better. So here is a photo blast from the past

Photo screen capture of This is the old Geocities traciy2000/index.html site from so long ago.

Did You Know?
Before Lifetime Television started airing our favorite based on a true story movies, most of these true story type movies were shown on regular channels such as ABC, NBC, and CBS. They were made by different production companies at the time. As those stations started to move away from those type of movies Lifetime started airing them. There is also a channel in the UK dedicated to films based on a true story. It is called aka True Entertainment.

How the First Movies Based on True Stories Site Got Started...and My Obsession with Lifetime Movies and Movies Based on True Events
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

It was 1996. I was feeling really blue because I had been hanging out at a late night skating rink. If you've ever been to African American based skating rinks, you know it's more like a disco-dance club more than anything. I didn't like the atmosphere anymore. The scene had become gritty and messy. While I was standing in the mirror putting on my make up, I had butterflies in my stomach because I really didn't want to go. It wasn't fun anymore; it had turned into something that I no longer recognized. I looked in the mirror and said, "you don't have to go anymore." I took off everything, wiped off my make up and hopped on the couch in front of the tv. I turned the channel and listened as the narrator stated "This movie is based on a true story." I was hooked from that point on. In those days the fact based movies-inspired by actual events debuted on stations like NBC, CBS, and ABC. They don't do it now, but back then there was a narrator that would announce that it was based on fact. It was really dramatic and it really made you want to watch. The movies became known as "movies of the week." From that point on, every Sunday and Monday, I was watching these real life dramas. I started writing down each movie in a tablet so that I could remember the events in the movie. But, I asked myself questions like: "Is this movie really true, who are the real people, and what do they really look like?"

At the time the net was not very popular. Most people would go to the library to use it. One evening after work, I decided to go to the local library to see what I could find out. I didn't know what I was doing. The librarian showed me how to search on the net. But, I couldn't find any information online about the real people. Long story short, I had to learn to use library databases and dig through old newspapers and magazines. Not only did I find the true stories, but many of the articles had pictures of the real people. Boy, was I excited. I started archiving the information in a tablet with old newspaper clippings. Then I learned how to create a site on Geocities and the Movies Based On True Stories website was born. I had not intended to make the site for other people to see. I just needed a place to archive all of the true stories. Soon, I decided to publish it in 1997. The first story that I researched and published was A Matter of Justice starring Patty Duke. Then later, Death of a Cheerleader, and then A Killer Among Friends. People started writing. They were fascinated that they could actually see the real people, and that there was a useable archival system to find the movies. The movies eventually stopped showing on the regular channels, and then the cable channels such as TNT and Lifetime started to pick them up. Geocities died out, and I eventually had to transfer everything over to a new space. In 2009, I changed the name from Movies Based on True Stories to The Movies Based on True Stories Database. It is now Movies Based on True Stories Archives.

A Self Taught Private Investigator/Researcher of Sorts....
I started clipping and archiving newspaper articles from our local newspaper at the age of 14. One of the biggest news stories in our town back in the mid eighties involved two Berry High School teens who were involved in an accident. The two teens were best friends. One died in the accident and the other lived. The kicker to that story was that the bodies were confused. The one family was at the grave side about to bury the person they thought was their child, but their daughter was the one that was in the hospital still clinging on to life. They had mistaken the identities because the two best friends had exchanged necklaces as I recall. I remember finding the family's phone number so that I could get the real story. I later filed it away in an old binder of other stories that I was collecting. Wow, did I miss my calling. These true stories are so very sad, but so very interesting. '

So who else is obsessed with true stories?


  1. I am I love them and it's nice to see some one else with a passion for I love based on true stories docs true crime my favourite channel is Bio and ID and lifetime

  2. I thought I saw a Lifetime movie about the Florida gym murderers and kidnappers similar to the Pain and Gain movie. Do you know the name of the Lifetime or Lifetime Movie Network movie?