Friday, June 21, 2013

My Son Is Innocent

Synopsis: A mother will stop at nothing to prove her son is innocent

True Story: based on the case of Todd Patrick Neely. (Todd Neely)

Todd Neely and his family sued when he was released from prison. They were awarded a small sum. It in no way compensated for the time Todd lost.

Todd's mother, Edith Crosley, did everything she could to prove he was innocent. But she was left in financial ruin afterward. She later stated that it was worth it to prove her son Todd was innocent.

Sadly, Edith K. Crosley passed in 2001, just 5 years after the movie came out. Todd's father Lew Crosley aka Lewis Crosley also passed in 2000.

Todd's brother Gregg Steven Neely passed in 2012.

I believe Todd still lives in Boulder, Colorado.

The victim in the case was a woman named Linda Zavatkay. She is married and seems to be doing well. She has a profile on FB.

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